Brief on CMD


The Centre for Management Development (CMD) was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria as the operational arm of the Nigerian Council for Management Development (NCMD). The Centre commenced operations in 1973, albeit it only derived its legal backing by Act No 51 of 1976.
The Centre is actively involved in the regulation of standards, development of managerial manpower for the country and a broad range of skills to enhance the quality of management and leadership for the attainment of national economic goals. The Centre has also been actively involved in building structures for the enhancement of professional standards, effective management of our enterprises and attainment of our development goals.
The Centre operates from its Head Office in Lagos and five area offices. The spread of its operations empowers the Centre to reach out to the different parts of the country, while plans are underway to open two new area offices for the purpose of having representation in each of the geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

As part of its institution building role, the Centre has facilitated the establishment of a number of professional associations with a view to raising the standards and quality of management practice in Nigeria. The bodies include: the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria (IMCON), Nigerian Association of Management Consultants (NAMCON), the Nigerian Institute of Marketing (NIMARK) and the Nigerian Institute of Training and Development (NITAD).

CMD has also carried out a number of management research and consultancy assignments to enhance the quality of management practice and to achieve operational efficiency of its client organizations. The Centre has undertaken consultancy assignments in organizational development, restructuring, job evaluation, performance appraisal, training needs identification and corporate reengineering of small, medium and large scale public and private enterprises.
Collaboration is a key to the delivery of its services. Accordingly, the Centre has, over the years, collaborated and worked with a large number of national institutions, including the Office of Head of Civil Service of the Federation, international donors, West African Management Development Institutes, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Ford Foundation, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). These collaborations have not only deepened its expertise but also raised the profile of the Centre thereby granting it the opportunity to provide services to varied clientele both within and outside the country.

In line with the Federal Government’s policy on rationalisation of the Public Service, the Centre was merged with the National Centre for Economic Management and Administration (NCEMA) in 2004. The merger was aimed at providing synergy and enhancing the capacity of the two institutions, fused into one, to provide high-end capacity building and professional services.
As a parastatal of the National Planning Commission, which has responsibility for driving the vision, plans and programmes of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Centre has enthusiastically identified with the key agenda of government and the private sector and has taken measures to enhance its competence in the performance of its functions.

The Centre pursues one of its roles of capacity building by:

  • Identifying the type and quantity of programmes required for the country’s managerial manpower;
  • Developing resources for management teaching, training and consultancy;
  • Building institution to meet the need of national development;
  • Improving the quality and enhancing the use of management consulting, research and training;
  • Serving primarily as a training centre for economic planners, policy analysis, budget and project officers at the federal, state and local government levels;
  • Developing and strengthening the specific skills that will enhance the quality of management of the national economy at the macro and sectoral levels; and
  • Being a policy laboratory for vigorous and sustained development and promotion of highly specialized skills required for enhancing efficient and effective planning and management of the Nigeria economy among others.

In addition to these mandates, the Centre undertakes the management development of small-scale industries through the design and provision of suitable training packages for small-scale industrialists and officials of federal/state agencies, which have responsibilities for developing small-scale industries in the economy.

CMD is organized into eight departments, divisions, and several operating units, namely:

Finance and Accounts Department, comprising:

  • Finance Division;
  • Accounts Division; and
  • Programme Accounts Division.

Learning and Development Department comprising:

    • Management Development Division;
    • Entrepreneurship & Business Division; and
    • Economic Management Division.

Research and Consultancy Department, comprising:

  • Research Division;
  • Consultancy Division;
  • Programme Management & Publication;
  • Executive Training Programme Division; and
  • Admission & Records Division.

Accreditation & Curriculum Development Department comprising:

  • Accreditation Division;
  • Curriculum Development & Evaluation Division; and
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Division.

Administration and Human Resources Department, comprising:

  • Administration Division;
  • HR Management Division;
  • General Services Division; and
  • Health Services Division -
  • Clinic, Gym and Sport Complex

ICT & Resource Learning Department, comprising:

  • ICT Learning Division;
  • ICT Services Division; and
  • Information Management (Library Division).

Zonal Offices Administration Department, comprising:

  • Abuja;
  • Kano;
  • Ibadan;
  • Owerri;
  • Uyo; and
  • Proposed Maiduguri & Benue offices.

The Director-General’s Office supervises and co-ordinates the activities of:

  • DG’s Office;
  • Council Secretarial;
  • Information & Marketing Unit;
  • Public Relation & Protocol;
  • ILS; and
  • Programme Support Unit.

The Centre has five Zonal Offices which facilitate the services of the Centre in the geographical regions in which they are located as well as the Federal Capital Territory. The Zonal Offices are at Abuja, Owerri, Kano, Uyo and Ibadan, and can be reached on the following addresses: There are other Training Centre spreads widely across the country.

Abuja: The Zonal Coordinator,
  Centre for Management Devlopment,
Abuja Zonal Office,
Plot 673, Agadez Street, Off Aminu Kano Crescent,Wuse II, Abuja, Near Globacom Office
Tel: 09-5237487
Owerri: The Zonal Coordinator,
  Centre for Management Development,
Owerri Zonal Office,
No. 289, Okigwe Road, Orji-Owerri, Imo State
Tel: 08191187409; 08054597905; 08023338952
Kano: The Zonal Coordinator,
  Centre for Management Development
Kano Zonal Office,
African Alliance Building, F1, Sanni Abacha Way, Kano.
Tel: 064959391
Uyo: The Zonal Coordinator,
  Centre for Management Development
South-South Zonal Office,
131, Udo Umana Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Tel: 08033309265
Ibadan: The Zonal Coordinator,
  Centre for Management Development
Ibadan Zonal Office,
1-3 Oba Akinyele Avenue Old Bodija, Ibadan
Tel: 08056070749

Our programmes are designed primarily for:

  • Entrepreneurs and managers in the public and private sectors of the economy;
  • Management educators, trainers, consultants, industrial extension officers, researchers, human resource specialists in institutions and agencies;
  • Planners of managerial manpower at the federal, state, local government and organizational levels;
  • Professionals and other self-employed Nigerians whose employed Nigerians whose employment and self-fulfillment depend upon enhancing their managerial and supervisory effectiveness;
  • Macroeconomic policy planners, analysts and managers;
  • Sectoral policy designers, analysts and managers, and
  • Non-government organizations (NGOs) and civil society.

Programme fees are subject to 5% increase over the previous year.

Payment of fees could be made to CMD Programme Account.

Account Number: 3761819488130
Sort Code: 215153768
Bank: Unity Bank PLC