Administration and personnel division

The Administration and Personnel Management Division’s functions include the following:

  • Planning and coordinating staff development efforts and activities
  • Planning and coordinating induction programmes for new employees;
  • Planning and developing comprehensive staff training plans and programmes and reviewing existing ones;
  • Seeking and obtaining approvals for the release of staff for training;
  • Processing staff training requests and preparing proposals for management’s consideration in accordance with established staff training policy and career paths;
  • Planning the career path of staff in accordance with management objectives and their career needs;
  • Liaising with other departments for the designing of training programmes for staff;
  • Developing and maintaining effective Staff Development Information and Appraisal Systems to provide up-to-date information on staff; and
  • Coordinating the preparation and review of job specification documents for all staff. General Service Division

The General Services Division is a support division to all the Centre’s activities. The Division is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Leasing of office and residential accommodation for qualified staff;
  • Servicing/maintaining of machines and equipments;
  • Overseeing the general cleanliness of the premises;
  • Maintenance of telephone and intercome services;
  • Maintenance of building and other facilities;
  • Registration of Contractors;
  • Payment of official rates and bills, e.g PHCN, Water and Tenement Rates;
  • Maintenance of Security;
  • Supervision of contract job and other related matters;
  • Provision of services to the Management Tenders Board; and
  • Maintenance of the Vehicle pool.