Budget and Accounts Division

In view of its strategic position and for the purposes of enhancing its operation, the Budget and Accounts Division is divided into two units with the following functions:

Account/Records Unit

The functions of this unit include:

  • Banking transactions include Exchange Control Application;
  • Preparation and finalization of salaries and wages;
  • Preparation of Centre’s Financial Statement and Periodic Reports;
  • Reimbursement and payment of approval expenditure; and
  • Maintenance of proper books of accounts.

Budget/Programme Unit

The following are the functions of the Budget/Programme Unit;

  • Developing financial forecasts for the purpose of planning as well as for management’s guidance;
  • Liaising with National Planning Commission on matters relating to funcding of the Centre;
  • Developing procedures for measuring budget costs and performance;
  • Allocation of resources to all expenditure heads;
  • Monitoring of all programme expenditure and income accounts of Area Offices;
  • Preparation of quarterly programme accounts;
  • Issuance of bills/invoices to credit customers;
  • Collection of outstanding fees;
  • Follow-up on returned cheques; and
  • Preparation of Management Report.