Information Communication And Technology is Classified into 3 different Divisions:

  • Library and Documentation Division

  • Service Division

  • Information Division

    • 1. Library and Documentation Division

      In the last few decades, the Library has gradually revolutionaries its activities from just an environment where books are kept to become the nerve centre and information resources engine room of any progressive organization. This is because information has been recognized as power and an essential ingredient for vital productivity of goods and efficient services in various establishments.
      According to Act No. 51 of 1976, which gave legal backing to the existence of CMD, one of its major mandates is to establish and maintain an up-to-date library for management studies. To this end, the Library and Documentation Division was established in 1974. It primarily exists to enhance the effective and efficient performance of the Centre’s activities by providing library and information services to all departments of the organization.
      The Library with the responsibility of acquiring, controlling and disseminating information becomes vital to various organisations, apart from catering for the needs of the CMD and those groups of people having an interest in a clear exposition of concepts in modern organization and management, it also caters for:

      • Advanced students who are entering or bout to enter the practice of management;
      • Management educators, trainers, researches and specialist in institutions and agencies;
      • Planners of managerial manpower at the Federal, State and Organisational levels who contribute to the full attainment of National Economic objectives; Entrepreneurs, Consultants in Management;
      • Practicing Managers and Chief Executives who need a continuing reference, which integrates both the theory and practice of modern management etc;
      • Library consultancy services, which include establishment of new libraries;
      • Computerization of library collections.

      The stock level is over 40,000 volumes of management related booked/monographs and 700 business and management periodicals Branch Libraries are maintained with about 10,000 volumes each in Abuja, Owerri, Ibadan and Kano Area Offices respectively.

      The Library observes the following opening hours:
      • Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8a.m-4p.m
      • Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays: 8a.m-6p.m

      The Library Complex has a capacity to accommodate over 400 readers in the Readers Services Section, 100 readers at the Reference Room and 100 readers at the Serial Section. Other features include conference Room, Tea/Coffee Room, Pantry lodge, Children’s Library, etc.
      The ultra-modern library complex is fully automated with internet services, for provision of speedy and easy access to information, with facilitation of reformatory and combination data from different sources.

      2. Service Division

      3. Information Division